Ross Brown Sales: A Trusted Supplier Powerful and Efficient Vacuum Motors in Australia

From Ametek to Flo-Tek; from Prestolite Motors to the Air Watt Series: these are some of the most trusted vacuum motor brands in the world, and at Ross Brown Sales, we have partnerships with each of them. Indeed, as one of the most trusted suppliers for vacuum motors in Australia, we at Ross Brown Sales have provided motors to a range of original equipment manufacturers, automotive companies and others.

RBS Vacuum Motors: Where Have They Been Used?

Need proof that you can trust RBS vacuum motors to get the job done for your project, building or piece of equipment? If our list of prestigious brand partners doesn't convince you, then the range of applications for which our various vacuum motor products have been used might.

On one end of the spectrum, vacuum motors from RBS in Australia have been used in household products like vacuum cleaners, other floor care appliances, fans and more. They've been used for residential ducted vacuum systems, spa blowers and pellet transfer systems. They've even been implemented, on the other end of the spectrum, in high-performance fractional horsepower drive motors, in electric vehicles and in hydraulic pumps and winches.

In short, at Ross Brown Sales, our selection of vacuum motor systems is extensive and versatile enough to serve a vast array of purposes. Learn more by visiting our website and checking out the huge list of different vacuum motors that we offer throughout Australia. The page, found online at, will provide you with specs and descriptions of each motor. The information should help you decide which motor will be a match with your specific application.

A Lengthy Reputation

In addition to the high profile nature of our brand partners and the versatility of our products, you can trust Ross Brown Sales and the vacuum motors we sell simply because we possess one of the most spotless reputations for quality or reliability that you will find in Australia.

In short, RBS has been around since 1957. We started out as a company that offered pressure gauges and other pressure measurement/calibration equipment, and evolved into a business with more wide-ranging pursuits. Today, we serve original equipment manufacturers, oil and gas companies, airlines, catering companies and other food service businesses, water treatment authorities and more. We have found success with each new industry we have explored, and our customers have been satisfied and loyal at every turn.

Quite simply, we at Ross Brown Sales offer products from respected manufacturers throughout Australia, and we do it with proven quality and reliability. Whether you are searching for a pressure gauge, a vacuum motor or a temperature calibration system, we have the connections and knowledge to solve your issue.

Do you have any questions for us, whether about vacuum motors in Australia, or about Ross Brown Sales in general? If so, feel free to reach out! Our head office is located in Baulkham Hills, New South Wales, but we also have offices in Sydney, Victoria and Queensland. For questions about motors, call the Sydney office on (02) 9899 2744, or email us at