From Food Thermometers to System Temperature Calibrators: Ross Brown Sales Provides a Range of Temperature Gauges in Australia

Ross Brown Sales might have gotten its start in the pressure measurement and calibration industry. However, in the many years since our 1957 inception, we have evolved in both the products we offer and in the industries we serve. In particular, we have added temperature measurement and calibration tools to our arsenal. Now, whether you are a home chef looking to measure the internal temperature of a steak, or an industrial project leader who needs to keep factory equipment at a safe operating temperature, Ross Brown Sales can provide you with the products you need.

Indeed, as one of Australia's leading suppliers of temperature gauges, RBS is known across a range of different markets and industries for providing the tools needed to get precise and accurate temperature readings, or to calibrate temperature in an effective way. From ETI to ThermoWorks, we have aligned ourselves with the very best temperature measurement and calibration brands in the world, so as to better supply Australian businesses with superior products.

Different Temperature Gauge Options

RBS carries a variety of different temperature gauges in Australia, for a wide array of different applications. For industrial applications, our TP series temperature calibrators are ideal. Capable of calibrating temperature monitoring equipment for power stations, computer systems or other heavy-duty equipment, these calibrators help to protect your capital purchases and make sure they last longer.

In recent years, we at RBS have observed a trend in Australia's manufacturing industry. In short, manufacturers are trying to keep a modest budget by making their equipment last as long as possible. Just like a car, a piece of industrial equipment will last for many years if properly inspected and maintained on a regular basis.

One step necessary to protecting equipment is to make sure that equipment isn't overheating. Temperature calibrators from RBS provide an easy and intuitive way to check equipment temperatures, and more importantly, to recalibrate temperature measurement systems to prevent overheating in the future.

Food Service

Industrial temperature calibrators are just one type of temperature gauge that we at RBS supply throughout Australia. We also serve the food service industry, providing a number of products that help caterers, chefs and even home culinary enthusiasts to concoct the safest and most delicious meals possible. From fridge and freezer temperature gauges, to digital thermometers that can provide instant readouts about food temperature, the products that we provide have been acclaimed throughout the food service industry.

Are you interested in learning more about the various temperature gauge products that are available through Ross Brown Sales? First off, visit our website, at To find the relevant information, click the 'Products & Services' tab on the left side of the screen to open a dropdown menu. From there, you can select either 'Temperature' or 'Food Safety & Catering' to read about the temperature measurement and calibration products available from RBS.

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