Finding ASME Safety Valves and Non-Code Safety Valves in Australia

What is the difference between an ASME safety valve and a non-code safety valve? Which type or size of valve is ideal for your specific application? Which supplier should you go through to purchase safety valves in Australia?

These are just a few of the questions you may be asking yourself if and when you find yourself in the market for a new safety valve in Australia. At Ross Brown Sales P/L, we can help. Since 1957, we have been assisting clients from a range of industries with their pressure control, measurement and calibration needs. In short, our team has the knowledge, experience and product availability to help you solve any pressure-related issue you may have.

What is a Safety Valve?

The first step to finding the perfect safety valve in Australia is forging an understanding as to what a safety valve actually is. There are so many different pressure metering instruments on the market that understanding the uses and differences of each of them can be a challenge in and of itself.

A safety valve-also known as a pressure relief valve-is a special instrument that is used to control the pressure levels in any given system. If left unchecked, a build-up of pressure in a system can lead to an equipment failure at best and to a catastrophic event (e.g., a fire or an explosion) at worst. As such, having an instrument in place to monitor and limit the pressure levels in a system is important safety precaution-one that can protect your personnel, your equipment and more.

Unlike pressure switches, which control pressure levels in a system by shutting off or turning on compressors or pumps, safety valves reduce pressure build up by actually allowing gases or pressurised fluids to actually escape from the system at a consistent, controlled and safe flow rate.

Different Types of Safety Valves

At RBS, we offer two basic types of safety valve: ASME safety valves and non-code safety valves. ASME valves meet the code requirements of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. They are used for systems that work with an ASME pressure vessel. If you are not sure if the vessel you are using needs to be protected with an ASME valve, check with the manufacturer or do some research online into the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. ASME valves are known for their proven accuracy and certified flow capacities.

If the pressure system you are using is not an ASME pressure vessel, though, then you can use a non-code safety valve for pressure relief purposes. Non-code valves usually get the job done just fine, but are not nearly as accurate or precise as ASME valves.

Ross Brown Sales is a leading supplier for both of these types of safety valves in Australia. Whether you need an ASME valve, a non-code valve or a few of each, we can provide them. The RBS catalog offers each type in a variety of different sizes and designs-from economical, low flow-rate valves to large, high-capacity valves. Visit our website at to learn more about the various types of safety valves we offer.