Ross Brown Sales P/L: Providing the Best Pressure Gauges in Australia for Nearly 60 Years

It was all the way back in 1957 when Ross Brown began selling pressure gauges in Australia, supplying industrial companies throughout the outback with products from Empeo in Germany. In the 58 years since, we've expanded into new markets and product types, built relationships with some of the biggest industrial companies in Australia (and indeed, all over the world) and built a presence throughout Australia and in New Zealand. However, even after all of this growth and evolution, our bread and butter is still the pressure gauge, and if your company is searching for pressure gauges in Australia, then Ross Brown Sales, or RBS, can help.

A Range of Different Pressure Gauges

One of the things you will learn quickly while working with RBS is that pressure gauges span a range of different styles and functions. As mentioned previously, RBS has evolved over the years, expanding our offerings to serve clients involved in the OEM (original equipment manufacturing), oil and gas, water treatment, waste water, petrochemical and food industries.

Naturally, our clients in these industries have a vast spectrum of different needs when it comes to pressure measurement, calibration and maintenance. At Ross Brown Sales, we work to meet all of those different needs, and that means having a versatile and varied selection of different pressure gauges.

From general purpose pressure gauges to industrial grade pressure gauges, from stainless steel pressure gauge designs to gauges meant for only low pressure measurements and calibrations, our product selection at RBS has something for every type of client. Our offerings include seamed and seamless bourdon tubes, and come as differential or diaphragm capsule pressure gauges, ranging in size from 40mm to 115mm. With brass, stainless steel, alloy steel or Monel internals, you can also rest assured that each pressure gauge in the RBS product catalog is built with the best materials and durable enough to stand the test of time.

Shop Pressure Gauge Options Online

Are you interested in learning more about the different pressure gauges that RBS has to offer in Australia? If so, visit our website at, click on the 'Products & Services' tab on the left-hand side of the page and select 'Pressure.' This action will take you to a page where you can read about each of the different types of pressure gauges available at our store.

The page will give you some information about the pros and cons about each different product type, as well as about the type of industry for which each gauge is ideal. There are even a few PDF files that you can download from the page, which will give you quick at-a-glance information about each product, as well as about how to place an order for pressure gauges from RBS.

If you have any questions that weren't answered by the website, don't hesitate to contact us directly. Ross Brown Sales can be reached via email, at, or via telephone at (02) 9899 2744. The phone number directs to our head office, which is located in Baulkham Hills, New South Wales.