SuperFast Thermapen: Everybody is in a Hurry

Time is money I hear over and over again. Very true! But .... take the time to take the temperature! Food Safety is an essential part of the food industry, and not following the guidelines could cost you your business!

After being in the temperature monitoring industry for well over a decade I've also heard over and over again complaints on how long thermometers take to stabilize - Akin to 'a watched pot never boils'!

I was pleasantly surprised to come across the SuperFast Thermapen when I came to work at Ross Brown Sales P/L. The Superfast Thermapen is 50% faster than other thermometers on the market.

According to Australian Science Magazine Food poisoning results, on average, in 5.4 million cases a year (including 120 deaths)
It's not worth risking a food business for a patron to become ill from poorly handled food. From receiving to plating, the onus is on the food handler to protect the food, protect the consumer and protect the business.

Of course improper temperature compliance is not responsible for all the cases of food poisoning. But safe delivery, safe storage & safe cooking temperatures play a vital role in keeping the instance of food poisoning at bay and your business safe!
Waiting for thermometers to stabilize is often found to be a frustrating and time consuming task in busy kitchens and can lead to some 'fudging' when it comes to recording temperatures. A dangerous practice!

The SuperFast Thermapen by ETI and available in Australia direct from the importer, Ross Brown Sales P/L, can cut this time in half so procedures can be followed as far as temperature is concerned, in the quickest time frame possible.
It is increasingly being hailed in 'foodie' blogs as 'Sensational' for its speed & accuracy.
No wonder it is fast becoming known as The Chef's Choice!

Food poisoning bacteria can multiply very quickly, particularly in certain conditions. One of the factors that affects bacterial growth is:
• Temperature – food poisoning bacteria grow best in the temperature range between 5 °C and 60 °C. This is referred to as the ‘temperature danger zone’. This means that we need to keep perishable food either very cold or very hot, in order to avoid food poisoning.