From Drum Type Gas Meters to MilliGascounters: Gas Volume Meters with Australia's Ross Brown Sales

Looking for a new gas volume meter for a venture in Australia? At Ross Brown Sales, we carry an array of different meters, perfect for virtually any type of application or purpose. Whether you are looking for a drum type gas meter, a bellows type gas meter or even a more

Ross Brown Sales: Australia's Source for Chatillon Digital and Mechanical Force Gauges

When it comes to designing and building dependable force gauge products, it's tough to think of a manufacturer that can compete with Chatillon. For years, Chatillon has been a global heavyweight in the materials testing and force measurement industries, known for instruments that can accurately test tension or more .

Ross Brown Sales P/L: Providing the Best Pressure Gauges in Australia for Over 60 Years

It was all the way back in 1957 when Ross Brown began selling pressure gauges in Australia, supplying industrial companies throughout the outback with products from Empeo in Germany. In the 61 years since, we've expanded into new markets and product types, built relationships with some of the biggest industrial companies in Australia (and indeed, all over the world) and built a presence throughout Australia and more .

Pressure Relief Valves and Beyond: Ross Brown Sales Meets Pressure System Needs in Australia

Since 1957, Ross Brown Sales has been one of Australia's biggest names in pressure measurement and calibration instruments. From pressure gauges and switches to pressure relief valves and beyond, we can provide your industrial venture with virtually any pressure management product that might be more .

The Superfast Thermapen Comes to the Home Kitchen in Australia!

Acclaimed worldwide by chefs and catering companies as one of the best and fastest_acting thermometers in the food preparation industry, the Thermapen is a must have for a busy kitchen. This digital pocket_sized thermometer not only more .

Ross Brown Sales: Your Source for the Best Pressure Switches in Australia

When it comes to monitoring, measuring or calibrating pressure, there is one Australian company that rises above the competition, and that's Ross Brown Sales. At RBS, we have been a consistent fixture in the pressure market since all the way back in 1957. In the 58 years since, we have changed and evolved in more .

Finding ASME Safety Valves and Non_Code Safety Valves in Australia

What is the difference between an ASME safety valve and a non_code safety valve? Which type or size of valve is ideal for your specific application? Which supplier should you go through to purchase safety valves in more .

From Food Thermometers to Temperature Calibrators: Ross Brown Sales Provides a Range of Temperature Gauges in Australia

Ross Brown Sales might have gotten its start in the pressure measurement and calibration industry. However, in the many years since our 1957 inception, we have evolved in both the products we offer and in the industries we serve. In particular, we have added temperature measurement and calibration tools to more .

Ross Brown Sales: A Trusted Supplier Powerful and Efficient Vacuum Motors in Australia

From Ametek to Flo_Tek; from Prestolite Motors to the Air Watt Series: these are some of the most trusted vacuum motor brands in the world, and at Ross Brown Sales, we have partnerships with each of them. Indeed, as one of the most trusted suppliers for vacuum motors in Australia, we at Ross Brown Sales have provided motors to a more .

Superfast Thermapen, Everybody's in a Hurry !

Time is money I hear over and over again. Very true! But .... take the time to take the temperature! Food Safety is an essential part of the food industry, and not following the guidelines could cost you your business!
After being in the temperature monitoring industry for well over a decade I've also heard over and over again more .