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Ross Brown Sales has many years of experience in supplying quality TEMPERATURE products for general industry.

With the advent of tighter controls in food preparation and distribution, under the new HACCP regulations Ross Brown Sales have become very much the leader in the monitoring and logging of temperature and additionally the logging of temperature in real time from the production cycle to the consumer.

Ross Brown Sales is well placed to supply all your temperature needs, be it calibration of RTD1000’s in a Power Station or to monitor your domestic Fridge

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TP Basic Series

The temperature calibrators in the TP Basic series have been developed for direct on-site use. With these instruments the focus is on efficiency and portability. The easy-to-use design and automatic functions have been carefully selected to facilitate operation. The result: quick, simple and efficient temperature calibrators that do not compromise on quality.





TP Solid Series

With the temperature calibrators in the TP solid series, the emphasis is on flexibility. Operation is easy, intuitive and allows fast access to comprehensive functions. In addition to dry block calibrators, micro calibration baths are also available to complete the portfolio. These baths are used as liquid bath calibrators with a magnetic stirrer that is controlled by rotary speed.

Reversible functions combined with an external reference sensor make it possible to test different temperature monitoring equipment without regard to shape, size or measurement method. A changeover switch allows users to change easily between the internal and external reference. All instruments in this series are equipped with a serial PC port.




TP Premium Series

The TP Premium series stands for optimum performance and outstanding ease of use. With the help of the self-explanatory menu structure, all necessary entries can be made quickly and easily. The block and set temperature, as well as the difference and the variance of the stability, are displayed on the two-colour, graphic display. The block temperature can be set to precisely 0.01oC.

The entire thermosensitive range of temperature sensors is covered. The calibrators work in a temperature range up to 1300oC, while offering excellent stability and accuracy. By combining the dry block design with an input for an external reference sensor, SIKA calibrators have the same accuracy as laboratory calibrators while maintaining the speed and portability of a dry block. The temperature sensor under test can be connected and analysed directly. Additional instruments are not required. Together with a PC as a standalone calibration system, the result is an extremely quick test cycle.







AMC 900

The AMC900 bench calibrator is your solution for high precision signal, temperature, and pressure calibrations.  This multi-purpose unit offers laboratory grade accuracy at an industrial calibrator price.  The standard is delivered pre-loaded with 13 thermocouple curves and 14 RTD curves.  You can also program curves to suit your individual needs.  With the optional external pressure modules, you can tailor the system to address your calibration needs.




ASC 300


The ASC300 is substantial enough to cover all your needs for a process signal calibrator with superior accuracy and compact enough to fit into your tool box and operate with one hand for easy field calibration.

The ASC300 can change your entire calibration regimen for signal, pressure and temperature.  You can combine this versatile calibrator with the APM external pressure modules or a dry block calibrator to meed your calibration needs.






  • General Purpose
  • Precision Laboratory
  • V-form
  • Metrology
  • Oceanography
  • ASTM & IP
  • Precision Contact
  • Precision Sets
  • Custom Made

BI-METAL back to top

Available in:
  • 21/2” diameter
  • 3” diameter
  • 5” diameter


  • Lower mount
  • Centre back mount
  • Multi adjustable


  • ASTM
  • Beaume
  • Dairy
  • General


  • Thermapen
  • Digital
  • Pocket
  • Waterproof
  • Min / Max
  • Fridge / Freezer
  • Timers
  • Dial
  • Accessories

Please see 'Food Safety and Catering' Section for more details.


The advantage of an infrared thermometer against a conventional probe thermometer is speed and the fact that it is non-contact; but keep in mind, infrared thermometers only measure the surface temperature.

IR-Pocket Thermometer
  • Temperature range -49.9oC to +349.9oC
  • Max/min memory function
  • LED spot alignment

IR-Pocket_Thermometer.pdf IR-Pocket_Thermometer.pdf (719.80 KB)

Mini RayTemp Infrared Thermometer
  • Temperature range -50oC to +330oC
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to use
  • Target ratio 12:1

The Mini RayTemp has a clear, easy to read, LCD display with low battery, backlight indication and an auto-power off facility.

The thermometer incorporates laser assisted alignment as standard to assist in pin-pointing the area of measurement.

Mini_RayTemp.pdf Mini_RayTemp.pdf (1.76 MB)

Combo Infrared Thermometer
  • Temperature range -32.9oC to +219.9oC
  • Two instruments in one
  • Simple to use

The Combo is two instruments in one compact unit - a digital infrared non-contact thermometer and a traditional probe thermometer that features a foldaway penetration probe.

Each unit incorporates an auto-power off facility that automatically turns the instrument off after fifteen seconds, maximising battery life. The Combo also features a lock function for continuous temperature measurement.

Combo_Infrared_Thermometer.pdf Combo_Infrared_Thermometer.pdf (1.03 MB)

Thermapen IR

  • Two instruments in one
  • Temperature range (Infrared) -49.9oC to +349.9oC
  • Temperature range (Probe) -49.9oC to +299.9oC
  • Patented, automatic 360° rotational display

The new Thermapen IR combines two ETI designed and manufactured products (RayTemp 2 Plus and Thermapen 4). Housed in a robust ABS case containing 'Biomaster' additive which reduces bacterial growth.

Thermapen_IR.pdf Thermapen_IR.pdf (742.41 KB)

RayTemp 8 Infrared Thermometer
  • Temperature range IR -60oC to +500oC, probe -64oC to +1370oC
  • Includes differential and average temperatures
  • Two-in-one instrument

The RayTemp 8 portable gun-shaped infrared thermometer is compact, lightweight and easy to use.

The RayTemp 8's four-button keypad allows the user to select oC/oF and max/min. Additionally, the difference between the max and min temperature and the average temperature can be displayed.

The instrument incorporates a miniature thermocouple type K probe socket that enables a wide range of type K thermocouple probes to be used for a variety of temperature measurement applications.

RayTemp_8_Infrared_Thermometer.pdf RayTemp_8_Infrared_Thermometer.pdf (908.19 KB)

Similar Products:

RayTemp_2_Infrared_Thermometer.pdf RayTemp_2_Infrared_Thermometer.pdf (970.94 KB)

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Sous Vide Thermometer Kit


  • Therma 1 thermometer
  • Sous Vide needle probes
  • Countdown timer
  • Tub of 70 ProbeWipes
  • Sous Vide foam/tape
  • ABS carrying case

Food Safety Kit


  • Mini RayTemp
  • Water resistant thermometer
  • Fridge/Freezer thermometer
  • Countdown/up timer
  • Probe wipes
  • ABS carrying case

Calibration Kit


  • Reference thermometer
  • Comparator
  • Silicone boot
  • Carry pouch

For full list of kits:

Calibration_Thermometer_Kits.pdf Calibration_Thermometer_Kits.pdf (971.26 KB)
Catering_Thermometer_Kits.pdf Catering_Thermometer_Kits.pdf (2.36 MB)
Sous_Vide_Thermometer_Kits.pdf Sous_Vide_Thermometer_Kits.pdf (985.04 KB)

 NB: Dataloggers in "Food Safety & Catering" Section


terms_and_conditions.pdf terms_and_conditions.pdf (64.13 KB)

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