Repair & Maintenance
WEICON manufacture an extensive range of adhesives and allied products for the manufacturing and building industries.

Speed and ease of use is an important consideration when assembling parts on a production line, be it the joining of similar or dissimilar materials, Weicon have the product to enable a successful join every time.

There are  4 types of contact adhesive available, each designed for specific applications:

    VA 8406 - Super fast bonding of various rubber materials EDPM, polypropylene, polyethylene

    VA 2500 - High temperature resistance, for bonding rubber, plastics and metal to plastic

    VA 1401 - Fast curing for tissue, paper, foam, rubber and other macropore elastomers

    VA 250 Black - Slow curing but remaining flexible with excellent peel and shock resistance

A new generation of one component adhesive/sealant is the Flex 310M.   This high quality adhesive/sealant is universal in use and very easy to handle.  It does not form bubbles when curing, is over paint able and does not contain any silicon.  It is not only environmentally friendly, but also has outstanding resistance to weathering and UV rays.

As well as an excellent range of adhesives Weicon produce a range of technical sprays.  Sprays for surface and anti-corrosion coatings, available in Zinc, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass and Copper.  Sprays also for, cleaning, degreasing, release and separating, lubrication, care and maintenance.

Reliable protection against corrosion, seizure, wear and cold welding (especially on stainless steel) has long been a problem.  Weicon Anti-Seize is a high performance paste that is a reliable protection against these faults.


Is a long lasting lubricant, which also protects against corrosion, pitting and fretting, thread seizing and abrasion.  Anti-Seize "Standard" is temperature resistant from -180oC to 1200oC (Type "High-Tech" grade to 1400oC) and resistant to extreme pressure up to 230 N/mm2.  It is an excellent lubricating agent for highly stressed rotating parts.



A single component Cyanacrylate adhesive.  Super fast, economical, versatile and durable WEICON Contact bonds most materials with only light pressure - metals, plastics, glass etc.


Metal Fluid

New and highly-effective product for indoor care, protection and cleaning of mat and polished metal surfaces, e.g. stainless steel, aluminium, chrome, nonferrous heavy metal etc.



  • preventive protection of new metal parts

  • leaves a glossy protective film

  • makes treated surfaces look new

  • free of silicone, oil and solvents

  • neutral in odour

  • provides an anti-static layer and prevents dirt from sticking to surfaces again

  • temperature resistant from -10oC to + 150oC

Weicon Metal-Fluid is also suitable for the care, protection and cleaning of ceramics, wood, glass and plastics and is NSF* registered.  Neither etched or printed markings nor plastic surfaces or rubber sealants, e.g. on kitchen equipment, are affected or attacked.


*NSF = Non-food Compounds Registration Programme




Plastic Metal

The "right stuff' for Repairs, Maintenance, Tools and Moulds. 

This two component epoxy resin does not shrink during the curing process and cures into a material which can be drilled, milled, ground or filed.  The Repair Sticks, or the Epoxy Kits, are ideal as an easily handled solution to your repair problems.


Epoxy Minute Adhesive

2 Component adhesive for a wide range of problems. 

It will bind many different materials to themselves as well as to each other.  e.g. metals, glass, stone, ceramics, wood and most plastics.  Weicon Fast Metal adhesive can be ground or milled after curing and fill holes or large gaps between surfaces.



Technical Sprays

Weicon provide an excellent range of technical sprays for general industrial use.  From various metal finishes, cleaners, lubricants



A single component anaerobic Adhesive and Sealant designed especially for metal threads.  WEICONLOCK is safe to use, quickly sealing and retaining all manner of threaded joints.  It is non shrinking, chemical resistant and completely fills the gaps.


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