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Medimax Wipes
Moist Patient Wipes

A high quality soft, strong wet wipe, ideal for the cleaning of skin in areas where no washroom facilities exist. Leaves the skin with a pleasant baby powder fragrance. Packaged in a portable dispensing bucket, tub and pillow pack.




Moist_Patient_Wipes.pdf Moist_Patient_Wipes.pdf (580.80 KB)

Surface Wipes I.P.A & Sanitizing Wipes

A disposable wet wipe designed for the effective disinfection of all surfaces, preventing cross contamination in all healthcare areas. Effective kill rates against all potentially lethal bacteria including MRSA, HIV, C-Difficile, Enterococcus Hirae etc.



Sanisafe_I.P.A..pdf Sanisafe_I.P.A..pdf (430.28 KB)

Medimax_sanitizing_wipes.pdf Medimax_sanitizing_wipes.pdf (487.81 KB)

Detergent Wipes - Alcohol Free

A disposable wet wipe designed for the effective cleaning of all surfaces where sanitizers cannot be used. Mild cleaning and cleansing for surfaces in primarily medical and care areas used as a convenient substitute for cloth, bucket (water) and solution. Can be used in cleaning system prior to disinfecting.



Medimax_Detergent_Wipe_IPMM6.pdf Medimax_Detergent_Wipe_IPMM6.pdf (606.86 KB)

Cotton & Silk Patient Wipes

A soft, strong, cost effective, highly absorbent wipes, in a handy dispenser box and/or bag. Ideal for drying patients quickly and effectively.


Medimax_Cotton_Touch.pdf Medimax_Cotton_Touch.pdf (1.78 MB)

Medimax_Silk_Touch_Patient_Wipes.pdf Medimax_Silk_Touch_Patient_Wipes.pdf (393.71 KB)

Disposable Gloves

Quality is critical when the only barrier between cross infection is a pair of disposable gloves. To protect the patient and medical professionals, the Food & Drug Administration set a quality level of 2.5 for examination gloves and 1.5 for surgical gloves. Meeting an Acceptable Quality Level of 1.5 our medimax gloves are an infection control solution.


Medimax_Gloves.pdf Medimax_Gloves.pdf (438.39 KB)

Sanihands Dispenser

When the hands are placed inside the special opening a photosensitive cell creates an alcohol based atomisation process that sanitises the hands. The unique sanimist solution is effective against MRSA, HIV, C-Difficile, Enterococcus Hirae etc.


sani_mist_dispenser.pdf sani_mist_dispenser.pdf (381.61 KB)

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Probe Wipes

In today's food preparation areas, hygiene guidlines are tough and the risk of cross contamination through neglecting these requirements puts many people at risk. With the pocket probe wipes, cross contamination is eliminated with a single stroke, killing off all potentially lethal bacteria from passing from one product to another.


probe_wipes.pdf probe_wipes.pdf (1.95 MB)

pocket_probe.pdf pocket_probe.pdf (232.82 KB)

Safety Data Sheet: Probe_Wipes_SDS.pdf Probe_Wipes_SDS.pdf (152.49 KB)

Anti-bacterial Probe Wipes

These convenient, single sachet, white anti-bacterial ProbeWipes are safe and easy to use.

 single_sachet_anti_bacterial_wipes.pdf single_sachet_anti_bacterial_wipes.pdf (169.66 KB)

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Sanisafe Bucket

Fast acting and with a high kill rate, makes sanisafe the ideal product for areas where sanitised surfaces are paramount. With a choice of up to 1000 sheets per bucket, sanisafe is ready to tackle the toughest of situations.


Sanisafe_28gsm.pdf Sanisafe_28gsm.pdf (419.22 KB)

Sanisafe_45-70gsm.pdf Sanisafe_45-70gsm.pdf (562.75 KB)

Sanisafe_Bucket_1000_sheets.pdf Sanisafe_Bucket_1000_sheets.pdf (444.14 KB)

Sanisafe QRD

A sturdy dispenser bag fitted with the new QRD unit, a removable bayonet which allows for easy access to the wipe and greatly improves hygiene, minimising the risk of foreign bodies finding their way on to the wipes' surface.


Sanisafe_QRD.pdf Sanisafe_QRD.pdf (540.21 KB)

Safe Hands

Combining an effective disinfectant solution along with the ideal cloth weight makes these hand wipes the perfect solution. Designed to be quick and easy they reduce the need for continued washing of the hands.


Safe_Hands.pdf Safe_Hands.pdf (432.13 KB)

Safe Seat

Safe Seat Toilet Wipes are impregnated with a bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal that makes them ultra safe to handle and excellent at germ blasting. Produced and tested by an accredited laboratory. Safe Seat Toilet Wipes are alcohol impregnated thus aiding rapid drying - the toilet seat is dry and ready to use immediately after disinfection.


Safe_Seat.pdf Safe_Seat.pdf (511.76 KB)


Gym Wipes

The Gym Wipes kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including MRSA, C.Diff, Candida and Swine Flu etc. Gym Wipes are an alternative option to the traditional spray bottles and cloths typically used in fitness gyms. Conveniently, the Gym Wipes are a two in one making cleaning gym equipment quick and easy.


Gym_Safe.pdf Gym_Safe.pdf (463.38 KB)

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Heavy Duty

This heavy duty abrasive industrial hand wipe provides fast, easy cleaning and a cost effective solution to cleaning hands, with the added benefit of portability. Each tub provides 50 perforated high strength absorbant cleaning cloths, treated with a gentle skin formulation that is tough on grease and grime. It is also ideal for cleaning tools, equipment engines, work in progress and spills.


Grimeeez_Heavy_Duty.pdf Grimeeez_Heavy_Duty.pdf (570.12 KB)


Combining our best ever cleaning wipes with an effective disinfectant solution make these wipes the ideal solution. Being primarily designed for cleaning hands, we've now added a fast acting anti bacterial agent to help sanitise as well as clean the hands. Using an abraisive cloth, weighing around 45gsm, it makes for a tough wipe to combat the toughest of grime.


Grimeeez_Max_-_New.pdf Grimeeez_Max_-_New.pdf (516.55 KB)

Multi, Graffiti & Paint

Thanks to its portability Grimeeez Graffiti, Multi and Paint can go with you and help you clean up in almost any environment. The moist wipes require no additional liquids as the unique patented powerful alcohol based cleaning solution helps clear all forms of graffiti, marks and stains!


Grime-Eez_Multi_PDF.pdf Grime-Eez_Multi_PDF.pdf (227.81 KB)

Grimeeez_Graffiti.pdf Grimeeez_Graffiti.pdf (483.87 KB)

Grimeeez_Paint.pdf Grimeeez_Paint.pdf (491.14 KB)

Multi-Purpose Office Wipes

In today's working envionments, it is very easy for virus to spread between colleagues simply through sharing equipment. These handy wipes are an ideal size and give off a pleasant fragrance that also identifies when the product is actively killing off bacteria. Wet wipes are ideal to use around sensitive equipment such as telephone receivers, and can be used as frequently as required.


Multi_Purpose_Office_Wipes.pdf Multi_Purpose_Office_Wipes.pdf (469.17 KB)

terms_and_conditions.pdf terms_and_conditions.pdf (64.13 KB)

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