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Condor-Werke Pressure Technology back to top

In the section pressure controls for pumps and compressors, Condor offers a comprehensive range and has been Germany's and Europe's number one in this sector for a considerable length of time. The proven MDR range as well as the EDR electronic pressure switches stand for reliability and competence.


Pressure Controls, Mechanical

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Pressure Switches:-
Pressure switches are typically used to switch pump and compressor motors on and off depending on the pressure so that the pressure of a given media within a tank does not exceed an upper or fall below a lower value. Both cut-in and cut-out pressures within a given range can be adjusted on the pressure switch.

pressure_switch_mdr_2.pdf pressure_switch_mdr_2.pdf (197.05 KB)
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Control Pressure Switches:-
Control pressure switches represent a special group within pressure switches. These devices are especially suitable for monitoring and controlling purposes.

pressure_switch_mdr_43.pdf pressure_switch_mdr_43.pdf (428.07 KB)
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control_pressure_switch_mdr-f.pdf control_pressure_switch_mdr-f.pdf (1.62 MB)

A complete range of accessories are available including ON-OFF switches, overcurrent relays, undervoltage releases, shunt releases, unloader valves and cable glands.

Pressure Controls, Electronic

Electronic Pressure Switch with integrated relative pressure sensor for panel board mounting, terminal connection for air tube inlet. The device analyses the pressure at the sensor. On exceeding an upper limit the relay opens; when falling below a lower limit the relay closes again. Both limit points are adjustable. The compressor is then activated accordingly.

electronic_pressure_control_edr.pdf electronic_pressure_control_edr.pdf (550.13 KB)
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A complete range of accessories are available including ON-OFF switches, overcurrent relays, undervoltage releases, shunt releases, unloader valves and cable glands.

ASME Safety Valves back to top

asme_safety_valves.pdf asme_safety_valves.pdf (173.83 KB) 

  • Each model is an all brass construction with either a spring or resilient rubber pad to insure the valve is bubble-tight to within 10% of set pressure.
  • All models have set pressure tolerance ±3% of set pressure.
  • Most models are stamped with "UV" and "NB" symbols.
  • 120°C maximum temperature

Model "SP" ASME safety valves are designed for applications where a compact size is required, and high flow capacities are not needed. For example, a 3 HP compressor may add 10 SCFM of air into the reciever at 125 PSI (860kPa). The "SP" will flow 42 SCFM at 125 PSI set pressure, so it will be adequate for this system. Available set pressure range 75-250 PSI (520-1725 kPa). Available in ¼" BSPT inlets.

Model "ST" safety valve is our standard safety valve for small air compressor systems and related applications. Even though the size is compact, flow capacities are high. Available set to pressure range 25-250 PSI (170-1725 kPa). Available in ¼" BSPT inlets.

Model "SF" ASME safety valves are designed for systems where large flow capacities are needed. Available in ½" BSPT inlets.

Model "SB" safety valves offer Control Devices value to users of high capacity ASME safety valves. Available set pressure range 25-300 PSI (170-2065 kPa). Available in ¾" BSPT inlets.

Model "SW" valve is our highest capacity ASME safety valve. Available in 1" and 1¼" NPT/BSPT inlets. Available set pressure range 25-300 PSI (170-2065 kPa).


Non-Code Safety Valves back to top

non-code_safety_valves.pdf non-code_safety_valves.pdf (160.36 KB)

These valves are in applications ranging from garden-type pump sprayers to air brake compressor heads. Non-code valves may be used wherever the component being protected is not an ASME pressure vessel. Non-code valves offer some economy over the ASME coded valves, but do not necessarily have the set pressure accuracy or certified flow capacity of their ASME brethren.

  • Each model is an all brass construction with either a spring and/or silicone rubber pad to insure the valve is bubble-tight to within 10% of set pressure.
  • 120°C maximum temperature

Model "NF" safety valves are high capacity and can be ordered as field adjustable units. A resilient seal insures bubble tight performance at operating pressures. Valves can be unset, or factory set and locked with lock nut or factory set and stacked (to deter field adjustment). ½" NPT inlet. Available set pressure range 40-250 PSI (275-1725 kPa).

Model "NP" are designed for applications where compact size is required and high flow capacities are not needed. 1/8" NPT and ¼" NPT inlets available. Available set pressure range 25-250 PSI (170-1725 kPa).

Model "NT" are a compact valve with high flow rates. ¼" BSPT inlets available. Available set pressure range 25-350 PSI (170-2413 kPa).

Model "NB" are an economical solution for high capacity applications. 3/4" BSPT inlets available. Available set pressure range 25-300 PSI (170-2068 kPa).

Model "NW" is the highest capacity non-code safety valve. 1" BSPT and 1-¼" NPT inlets available. Available set pressure range 25-300 PSI (170-2068 kPa).




In-Tank Check Valves back to top

in-tank_check_valves.pdf in-tank_check_valves.pdf (364.84 KB)

The Super-Chek® design has been proven over the last 15 years to be the standard for air compressor in-tank check valves. One-piece brass bodies, stainless steel springs, and glass-filled fluoropolymer poppets all add to long term reliability, while the eight discharge holes insure quiet operation. Valves are 100% tested for backflow leakage performance. 450 PSI (3103 kPa) max pressure, 205°C max temperature.

The "B2" design of in-tank check valves are specifically designed for OEM use. These valves offer outstanding performance at a great price! Valve bodies are all brass with stainless steel springs and glass-filled fluoropolymer poppet. High flows are insured with oversize discharge holes. Final assembly is a swaging operation, which insures long life, but does not allow disassembly. 450 PSI (3103 kPa) max pressure, 205°C max temperature.

Please note: The "barrel" length of the "B2" valve is shorter than our Super-Chek® line, so the OEM must insure that any "skirt" on the tank fitting is clear of the valve discharge holes. Otherwise, potentially damaging backpressure may build up in the compressor discharge line and compressor head.


In-Line Check Valves back to top

in-line_check_valves.pdf in-line_check_valves.pdf (146.22 KB)

These cast-brass check valves have been specifically designed for installation into air compressor discharge lines. Extra-heavy walled cast brass bodies, glass-filled fluoropolymer poppets, and stainless springs resist corrosion and insure long life. A plugged 1/8" NTP unloader port is standard. 250 PSI (1725 kPa) max pressure, 232°C max temperature.


Unloading Check Valves back to top

Load Genie®

A compressor running in a "start-stop" mode operates more efficiently if the pressure trapped in the compressor head and discharge line is released after each pump-up cycle. This allows smoother starts and the use of a motor with lower starting torque. The most convenient way to release this trapped pressure is to use a Load Genie® combination check and unloader valve. Simply install this unique valve in the compressor discharge line, and the Load Genie® does the rest! The Load Genie® senses air flow when the compressor is running and closes an unloading orifice port. When airflow stops (such as when the pressure switch turns off the motor), the Load Genie® opens the unloading orifice to release head pressure, and the built-in check valve keeps receiver air from leaking back into the discharge line and compressor head.

Alternative methods rely on external unloading valves mounted on the pressure switch or compressor. These external unloading valves are connected with appropriate tubing and fittings to the compressor discharge line or compressor head. A tank check valve is also required. These systems, then consist of the unloading valve, connecting tubing with appropriate fittings, a tank check valve, and the labour to install it all. Compare this to the single component installation of a Load Genie® and the advantages are apparent.

unloading_check_valves.pdf unloading_check_valves.pdf (416.56 KB)

Continuous Run Unloaders/Throttle Controls back to top

The Load Genie® series are self-contained unloading valves, which can be used wherever a continuous run compressor is required. Since they are "vent" unloaders, no built-in head unloaders are required on the compressor. They contain all components required: the pilot valve, the vent valve, and a check valve.

Mark 2 Load Genie®

The valve cut-in and cut-out pressures are factory set per customer specifications. Minimum cut-out pressure is 60 PSI (415 kPa) and maximum cut-out pressure is 250 PSI (1725 kPa). The valve is also field adjustable.
Details of construction include a forged brass body, brass and zinc-plated steel internal components, stainless steel springs, and a glass filled fluropolymer poppets. Valve is available in two sizes, LGM20 for application up to 20 SCFM, and LGM125 for applications up to 125 SCFM.

Mark 3 Load Genie®

The compact size and straight-through flow design of the Mark 3 make installation easy. The Mark 3 is suitable for compressors of up to 30 SCFM delivery. Cut-in and cut-out pressure settings are factory set to customer specifications. Minimum cut-out pressure is 250 PSI (1725 kPa). The valve is also field adjustable. Details of construction include forged brass body, zinc-plated steel internal components, fluorocarbon piston ring, stainless steel springs, and a glass-filled fluropolymer check valve poppet.

Mark 4 Load Genie®

The compact size and the combination of straight-through or 90° flow design of the Mark 4 make installation easy. The Mark 4 is suitable for compressors of up to 30 SCFM delivery. Cut-in and cut-out pressure settings are factory set to 109 PSI (751 kPa) cut-in and 138 PSI (951 kPa) cut-out. Minimum cut-out pressure is 60 PSI (415 kPa) and maximum cut-out pressure is 250 PSI (1725 kPa). The valve is also field adjustable. Details of construction include forged brass body, zinc-plated steel internal components, fluorocarbon piston ring, stainless steel springs, and a glass-filled fluropolymer check valve poppet.

continuous_run_vent_unloaders.pdf continuous_run_vent_unloaders.pdf (695.10 KB)


Model TC12 Throttle Controls

TC12 throttle controls are used on gas engine-driven compressors to reduce engine speed to idle when the continuous run control (such as models LGM20 and LGM30 vent unloaders or model P25 pilot valve) has reached its "cut-out" setting. This saves fuel and reduces engine and compressor wear.

The 1/8" NPT inlet of the TC12 is connected to the throttle control port of the vent unloader or connected into a "tee" of the head unloader line of pilot valve installations. The cable end is attached to the appropriate throttle linkage on the engine and the cable housing is appropriately anchored using the supplied cable clamps.

In operation, the vent unloader or pilot valve sends a pressure signal to the TC12 at the cut-out setting. This causes theTC12 piston to extend the control cable which pushes the throttle lever, causing the engine to idle down. At the cut-in setting, the pressure signal going to the TC12 is vented, allowing the spring to return the piston, cable and throttle lever to the original full speed position.

Brass body and piston with nitrile O-ring and zinc-plated steel spring and retaining ring. Vinyl covered, steel armoured housing with stainless steel cable. Maximum temperature 120°C. Minimum pressure 60 PSI (415 kPa), maximum pressure 250 PSI (1725 kPa). Used with engines up to 8 HP. 

throttle_controls.pdf throttle_controls.pdf (127.95 KB)


Pilot Valves back to top

The P25 pilot valve is an industry standard. Details of construction include a precision-machined, forged brass body, brass adjustment screws, and stainless steel ball and spring.

Valve cut-in and cut-out pressures are factory set per customer specifications (if no specifications are given, valve is set at standard setting of 95-115 PSI [655-793 kPa]). Valve is also field adjustable.

Valve includes a mounting boss, tapped with a 3/8-16 UNC thread, a ¼" NPT inlet and a 1/8" NPT outlet. Valve comes standard with unloading sleeve for gas engine warm up. Options include a toggle for one-hand unloading, a lock-out thumbscrew for dual control systems, and a ¼" NPT nipple installed into the inlet port. Maximum cut-out pressure 250 PSI (1725 kPa), minimum cut0out pressure 60 PSI (415 kPa). Maximum temperature 175°C.

pilot_valves.pdf pilot_valves.pdf (233.50 KB)



OPTIONAL THUMBSCREW for Duel-control Applications                  OPTIONAL TOGGLE for piston Engine Warm-Up
Dual control lockout thumbscrew.                                                                      TOGGLE shown in loaded position Screw in to lock out pilot valve.                                                                                          Flip upward to unload

Accessories back to top

External Seat Drain Cocks are widely applied on air compressor receivers, radiators, and pool equipment where stem removal is not a requirement. Brass body and stem, with zinc plated steel handle. 200 PSI (1380 kPa) max, 93°C max.

Cable Operated Drain Cocks have many industrial and automotive applications. The brass stem tilts to open the valve at a minimum pull cord force. The stainless spring returns the stem to positively seal against a nitrile o-ring when force on the cord is released. Brass body, washer, and stem. 200 PSI (1380 kPa) max, 93°C max.

"M20053" Muffler is available as an option on the LGM30 unloader valve, but is also great for other applications that require a silencer with high flow capabilities. 3/8" NPT inlet, 1-1/8" long. Brass body with aluminium diffuser screen.

Cold Start Valves (CS12 & CS25) bleed air from the compressor head during the first few pump revolutions, thus reducing motor starting torque requirements. These valves are especially helpful on oil-lubed pumps that may be subject to low temperatures and low starting voltages, such as a contractor unit that may sit outside overnight and be connected to a long extension cord. Body and piston are brass, with a stainless steel spring and fluorocarbon O-ring.

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Drain All Condensate Traps back to top

Drain All Condensate Traps are completely pneumatic and corrosion-resistant. Each trap is actuated only as necessary according to the needs of your system. This prevents over- and under-draining, preserving system pressure and eliminating wasted compressed air. The drains are "green" products and require no electricity, so energy costs are minimized. Because the drains are pneumatic, they are not affected by the vulnerabilities of electrical devices such as timer solenoid valves, motorized ball valves or electrically-operated float traps.

How_It_Works.pdf How_It_Works.pdf(109.81 KB)

Water_Hog_Flyer.pdf Water_Hog_Flyer.pdf (813.70 KB)

Drain-All / Water Hog installation -

Drain-All overview and applications -

BOB Float Valves back to top 

RMC designed and patented the BOB® line of performance brass and stainless steel float valves, BOBBY® valve reservoir assemblies and BOBBY® miniature float valves serving diverse applications from ice-making equipment and cooling towers to livestock watering equipment.

bob_float_valves__assemblies.pdf bob_float_valves__assemblies.pdf (155.71 KB)
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bobby_float_valve_assemblies.pdf bobby_float_valve_assemblies.pdf (147.70 KB)
bobby_valves_for_reservoir_assemblies__accessories.pdf bobby_valves_for_reservoir_assemblies__accessories.pdf (122.75 KB)

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